How to increases customer engagement, Improve conversion and customer satisfaction with Freshchat using engage proactively with triggered message

How to increases customer engagement, improve conversion and customer satisfaction with Freshchat using engage proactively with triggered message

What is Freshchat engage proactively with triggered message (EN)

Freshchat allows you to proactively initiate conversations with website or app visitors using triggered messages. These messages pop up automatically based on specific criteria you define.


Here’s a breakdown of Freshchat’s proactive engagement with triggered messages:

How it Works:

  • You set up “Triggers” that define when a message should be sent. Triggers can be based on visitor behavior (e.g., time spent on a page, number of page views) or visitor attributes (e.g., location, browsing history).
  • Once a trigger condition is met, Freshchat automatically sends a pre-written message to the visitor.
  • These messages can be greetings, offers of help, answers to anticipated questions, or anything you find relevant to guide visitors towards their goals.


  • Increases customer engagement: Proactive messages can grab a visitor’s attention and initiate a conversation before they leave your site.
  • Improves conversion rates: By providing timely assistance or highlighting relevant information, you can nudge visitors towards a purchase or desired action.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction: Proactive chat shows visitors you care about their experience and are there to help if needed.

Here are some resources to learn more:

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