Construction and Real Estate

Accelerate your construction business growth with CRM

In the construction industry, many businesses continue to face stiff competition and tight margins. Simply doing the best job is often not enough to survive. Keeping tight control over your business operations is essential, but it’s just as important to know how to win and satisfy your customers.

CRM helps construction businesses like yours by simplifying the bidding process and making the most of every opportunity, giving you a new competitive advantage. With instant access to sales pipeline information, contacts, calendars, and sales reports, your estimators and business development staff are freed up from tracking the bid process so they can focus all their efforts on winning the work. With personalized workflows and reminders, following up with each potential customer is made easy, and every aspect of the sales process can be well managed from the initial lead through to the close.

Your sales, service, and project teams can all access an intuitive and centralized workspace for viewing and updating any customer or business-contact communications. Information stays accurate and up to date all from one screen. In addition, customers, partners, and suppliers can view specific status information themselves, updating information as needed. Workflows and information can all be easily personalized based on the type of construction or specialty work you do.

With CRM you can create and track the success of your marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Emails and outbound calls are easily tracked and assessed with precision and ease. CRM also works with key social media applications including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, helping you to reach and engage with your customers and prospects across multiple touch points. Using a variety of email templates, tracking and reporting capabilities, and easily customizable workflows, your marketing investments get better results.

CRM enables you to see a full view into your customer interactions so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience every time, regardless of your size. Using a centralized knowledgebase and powerful reporting tools, you have access to accurate customer information right across departments. Quickly search and update contacts, opportunities, leads, and cases. Service teams at the office or in the field can have more meaningful conversations with customers, be more productive, leading to increased customer satisfaction levels and faster results.

When CRM is tied to a ERP solution, the entire business benefits from end-to-end visibility and a single view of the customer, such as visibility into payment history, order status, order availability, unresolved customer cases, quotes, and more, giving you a competitive edge to deliver great value to your customers.

  • Workflow easily customized for your business
  • Rich CRM functionality accessible anywhere, anytime using multiple mobile platforms
  • Highly customizable and scalable solution that grows as your needs develop
  • On-premises or cloud options
  • Rapid return on investment and affordable, low cost ownership
  • Intuitive, simple navigation

For all users

  • Fully customizable and interactive dashboard
  • Interface design and content can be personalized for each company
  • Built-in user tutorials, user guide, quick tips, and product videos
  • Impactful visual charts and highly graphical reports
  • Dynamic linking of multiple information sources using a single dashboard screen
  • Centralized meeting management
  • Fully customizable graphical workflow

Ease of use

  • CRM access from Internet browsers
  • Mobile CRM from smartphone and tablet devices
  • Easy-to-use interface

For IT professionals

  • Out-of-the-box quick customization with advanced customization options
  • Easy to install and quick to deploy
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Easy to integrate

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