Video Interview

Powerful All-in-One AI Video Interview


The highly scalable interview system can easily cater for new hiring campaigns or seasonal fluctuation of job postings and candidate applications


Hire Faster

Automatic hiring removes the need to invite candidates and conduct screening interviews manually so that time-to-hire is reduced by 50%

Better Job-Fit

Finding the right candidates with the right competencies and interview performance allows better job-fit and higher retention.


Engaging Experience

Interviewing online allows user to perform interview anytime and anywhere. The system is specially designed to create a welcoming and simple interface. Its customizable design enhances corporate branding.


Personality Discovery

Discover the personality, impression and competency of the candidates to assess the Job-Fit of the candidate

Automatic Scheduling

Massive numbers of interviews to be sent at the same time. This saves significant amount of time in communications

Engaging Candidate’s Experience

A simple but customizable design of the video recording system for the job candidates enhances corporate branding while allowing the candidates to record videos with ease

Customizable interview

Customizable interview that fits your recruitment needs and branding

Job-specific evaluation

Evaluation of the candidate’s interview based on your specific requirement


It integrates with existing ATS systems for seamless experience

user data

User data is encrypted at transit. Personal Identifiable information is removed once the recruitment is completed

Asia Focused analytics

Our analytics is trained specifically using data from Asia

Holistic Assessment

Our system finds out the impression and competence of the user

Pledge for Personal Data
(Privacy) Compliance


Encrypt personal identifiable information “at rest” and “at transfer”


Ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of systems and services


Restore availability and access to personal data after incidents

We are here to help you hire the right candidate