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Sundae has intently developed and packaged every solution needed for the different facets of your E-commerce business under one roof. Our technology, operations, agency, and consulting services combine to create a well-oiled, tried and true End-to-End E-commerce solution.

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E-commerce, short for electronic commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services over the internet or other electronic networks. It involves conducting commercial transactions electronically, typically through online platforms or websites. E-commerce has transformed the way businesses operate and how consumers shop, providing convenience, accessibility, and a global reach.

There are several models of e-commerce, including Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), and Consumer-to-Business (C2B). In B2C e-commerce, businesses sell products or services directly to consumers, as seen in online retail stores like Amazon or Walmart.com. B2B e-commerce involves transactions between businesses, such as manufacturers selling products to wholesalers. C2C e-commerce platforms facilitate transactions between individual consumers, like eBay or Craigslist. C2B e-commerce occurs when individual consumers offer products or services to businesses, such as freelance work or influencer marketing.

E-commerce has revolutionized the retail industry, offering consumers a wide range of products, competitive prices, and the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere. It has also provided businesses with opportunities to reach a global audience, reduce overhead costs, and streamline operations. With the advancement of technology and the increasing popularity of mobile shopping, e-commerce is expected to continue growing and evolving in the coming years.