Display Advertising

Target the Right Customers, Increase Brand Awareness and Increase Click-Through Rates with SUNDAE’s Display Advertising Strategies

Expand Your Brand’s Presence with Performance-Based Display Advertising

Online display advertising is considered an effective inbound marketing strategy; it can help your company broaden its online presence. It allows you to target your audience on the websites, blogs and social media sites they frequently visit.

We offer display advertising that puts your messaging directly in front of the audience you’re seeking. With advanced targeting techniques, we can deliver banner ads on the top news, entertainment, lifestyle, and social media sites, and generate the awareness your business needs to be an outlier.

Display Advertising Products and Services

We employ display advertising tactics that support your inbound marketing strategy and provide you with more leads. Some of our specialties include:

  • Audience Targeting : Rather than placing display advertisements on a website and hoping it will reach your target market, we purchase specific audience segments. We have access to 95% of the inventory online and will only show your advertisement to the audience you wish to target.. We ensure no impression is wasted on anyone outside your target market and target these ads by geographic, demographic, interest, intent, behavioral and contextual factors.
  • Optimization for Conversions  : By setting low targeting parameters, we are able to buy low cost inventory and scale your message across the web inexpensively. This allows us to survey the web and identify the attributes of the audience that is most likely to respond to your offer. We recognize that the characteristics of those who click and the characteristics of those who convert are very different. By determining the attributes of the converters, we can shift dollars towards them and provide you with a performance driven display campaign that is built to deliver ROI.
  • Dynamic Retargeting for Ecommerce : We create a unique ad version for each one of your products, and retarget people who have visited a specific product on your site with an ad showcasing the exact product they visited. These relevant ads work and often deliver 400% increases in CTR and radically improve conversion rates. To complement this messaging we also identify products that are typically purchased together, and re-message shoppers with new product ideas that provide you with cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. This is ideal for shopping cart abandonment and re-capturing buyers in the decision-making phase.
  • Facebook Retargeting : When people visit your website, we re-message them on Facebook asking them to come back.
  • Search Retargeting : We target users based on their search queries. When they search for specific terms, we begin messaging them across them web with customized advertisements.