Accelerate your revenue with context-driven sales

Personalize engagement, shorten your sales cycle, and grow your business with Freshsales

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Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021 - Sales Force Automation
Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 - CRM Lead Management
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G2 CRM Software Leader 2021
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How can Freshsales help you accelerate revenue?

Close deals faster with a 360° view of your customers

Get a complete view of your customer’s interactions to deliver personalized experiences. Leverage data to drive revenue.

Improve seller effectiveness by streamlining your sales process

Have conversations with context, automate time-consuming tasks, and spend valuable time selling and not on mundane legwork.

Reduce IT complexity & cost with a comprehensive solution

Keep teams happy with a solution that is easy to implement, and easier to use. Increase adoption, reduce costs, and boost morale.


Focus on the best leads. Generate more opportunities.

Website prospects are the most engaged. Run chat campaigns, and turn your website into a lead generation machine.

Top Features:

Use AI-powered Chatbots to chat with visitors in real-time 

Capture visitor information with customizable Web Forms

Understand visitor intent. Track page visits and actions on your site.


Have conversations with context. Shorten your sales cycle.

Surface the best leads, communicate across a customer’s preferred channel, and personalize messages based on behavior.

Understand interest and engagement levels with the Activity Timeline

Focus on the best opportunities with Predictive Contact Scoring

Communicate seamlessly across channels – Phone, Email, Chat, SMS


Drive deals to closure, faster. Improve sales conversions with AI-powered insights.

Freddy AI helps you focus on the right deals that will drive revenue. Get insights across the funnel from lead to revenue.

Find the best deals to close with AI-based Deal Insights

Collaborate across teams in real-time with Slack Integration

Improve revenue predictability with Dynamic Forecasting


Customer 360° view made easy. Grow customer value with integrated sales and support.

Develop long-lasting relationships with customers. Enable sales and support to work together to help the customer seamlessly.

Bring sales and support functionalities together with the Freshdesk Integration

Understand your customers inside-out with a 360° customer view

Upsell and cross-sell to your customer base with automated sales campaigns

Trusted by businesses worldwide

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Close deals faster with Freshsales

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