SAP Customer Checkout

Digitize your business with the intelligent and integrated point-of-sale software

SAP Customer Checkout

Give your sales staff the point-of-sale (POS) functionality they need to excel. Designed for sports and entertainment, retail, merchandising, and catering businesses. The solution supports all common POS requirements from sales, payments, discounts, to loyalty management to streamline their processes. Use as standalone solution or integrate with our ERP software for even more options.

  • On-premise deployment
  • Easy-to-use and offline capable POS system
  • Standalone or integrated with SAP ERP systems
  • One solution for Retail, Quick Service and Table Service

Key Benefits

Use as standalone or integrated with SAP ERP systems

Integrate with an SAP ERP solution to transmit transactions directly to your warehouse management and accounting applications or run the solution as standalone.

Designed for retail, merchandising, catering, sports and entertainment

Get the right user interface tailored to your business needs ? no matter if you have a retail or merchandising store, working in the catering, or sports and entertainment area.

Hardware agnostic

Benefit from the hardware device independency that SAP Customer Checkout offers and run the solution on any point-of-sale device tailored to your business. Choose flexibly the hardware you are looking for, as the solution is not any point-of-sale hardware device.

Key Capabilities

Sales process

The solution covers all functions that are needed at the point-of-sale from article selection, discounts, returns, tax deduction, multiple payment options, loyalty management, quick selection buttons, to day-end closing. Use the solution also for table service in catering with table management functionality.


Pay in cash, credit cards, or on invoice. Integrate a payment terminal or extend the solution providing a cashless payment option with plugins. Split payments, pay in multi-currency, and integrate customer orders with a few clicks. Offer loyal customers to pay with loyalty points

Master data management

Manage your master data such as articles, price lists, customers, and more directly in SAP Customer Checkout manager system, or in your tightly integrated SAP ERP system. Benefit from real-time synchronization to update data information within a minute.

Real-time integration

Take advantage of a simple installation and configuration setup while running SAP Customer Checkout as standalone or benefit from the tight integration with SAP ERP systems to transmit transactions directly to your warehouse management for same-day analysis.


Access real-time reports to learn how much revenue earned per each shop, cashier, or item. Keep your financial results under control and get all relevant data on the same day. Analyze the sales data in SAP Customer Checkout manager or explore detailed insights for integrating with SAP ERP systems and Analytics Cloud.


Extend and adapt the solution flexibly via plugins as needed to meet specific customer requirements and cover the last mile gaps. Integrate with other SAP products such as SAP Analytics Cloud for even more options.