Mobile Marketing

Maximize Mobile Traffic and Increase Mobile Conversions with SUNDAE’s Mobile Solutions

Mobile Matters

Digital Marketing experts predict that mobile search will overtake desktop search by 2015. As consumers turn to mobile devices for company research and the evaluation of products and services, websites that are optimized for mobile use become a crucial addition to any company’s online presence. 

Failure to optimize your website for mobile users will result in higher abandon rates and fewer conversions. If your customers have to pinch and zoom or wait for information to load, they will leave your page frustrated and might not come back.

SUNDAE uses responsive design principles to ensure that your website can be viewed optimally on any device. With this approach, we can help you maximize search traffic and can provide you with the mobile conversions you need.

Mobile Solutions from SUNDAE

SUNDAE can help you integrate mobile into your inbound marketing strategy using a variety of advanced tactics:

  • Mobile Ads : Mobile is a new screen, and a new medium, where different behavior needs to be considered and capitalized on. We place your ads in the right environment and make sure they are relevant, contextual and native to the mobile experience. We look at the entire landscape and ensure you are present in paid and organic search results, mobile applications and premium websites.
  • Mobile SEO : Local search plays a key role in the search results that are displayed on mobile devices. By optimizing your website for local search, your search listing and ads will be pushed closer to the top of results pages for each geographic location.
  • Mobile Website Development : Optimize your website to convert more traffic from mobile devices by focusing on responsive design or a stand-alone mobile version of your website.
  • Social Media for Mobile : With over 50% of users accessing their social media profiles via mobile devices ” it is imperative that your social profiles are optimized for mobile use. Optimizing your profiles for mobile ensures an enhanced mobile browsing experience and increases the chances that your ads and messages will be seen and heard.
  • Mobile Analytics : Using advanced analytics techniques we will create a mobile strategy for your business. By identifying what percentage of your traffic is coming from mobile devices, and analyzing the online behavior of people that visit your site from mobile devices, we can determine which keywords are suited for mobile vs. desktop. We will also tailor your ad copy and messaging to the mobile experience to ensure you don’t miss out on potential opportunities.