Lead Nurturing

Sales Growth with Lead Nurturing

Statistics show that over 95% of your website visitors are not yet ready to buy. By using marketing automation, lead intelligence and lead nurturing techniques, you can build credibility with qualified prospects and nurture them through the buying cycle until they are ready to make a final purchase decision. Lead nurturing involves a closely linked series of targeted emails that have clear purpose and contain relevant, useful content.

SUNDAE’s lead nurturing strategies are based on your customer’s buying cycle. We take the time to fully understand your leads’ needs and provide them with the information they want, at the right time, to ensure they are engaged throughout the entire process. If done correctly, you can generate more sales ready leads, at a lower cost, that have a higher likelihood of closing.

SUNDAE Lead Nurturing Products and Services

SUNDAE uses a 5-step process to create an effective and targeted lead nurturing strategy:

  1. Determine your goals : Do you want to find new leads, target more specific leads or reconnect with previous leads and past customers?
  2. Target users : We define a detailed buyer persona that you want to target.
  3. Create Content : We create specific and timely content that will be sent out to your leads during each phase of the buying process.
  4. Create Timeframe : Define a timeframe for your lead nurturing based on your sales cycle.
  5. Measure and refine : We measure the effectiveness of the campaign, track results and improve your campaign to increase conversion rates. SUNDAE also offers a number of lead nurturing campaigns to reach your customers:
  • Educational campaigns : We provide useful content that demonstrates the value you can offer. It can be in the form of resources, blog posts, newsletters, best practices, tips or in multiple formats.
  • Promotional campaigns : We provide content highlighting special offers and deals using email subject lines and content that will get people’s attention.
  • Product/service campaign : We provide content highlighting a featured product or service and outline its features and benefits and how it relates to your customers.
  • Personal campaign : These are personalized communications to qualified leads. As leads get closer to making a purchase, it is important to contact them more directly. Contact is usually established through a sales team member.