SAP Marketing Cloud

Engage customers in every interaction across your digital marketing channels

Gain deeper customer insights to deliver personalised and relevant experiences
across all channels throughout the entire customer journey.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Empower your business to understand its customers and to engage with them intelligently. Build dynamic profiles of your customers and use them to gain deep insights so you can adapt to both their needs and market trends. Deliver personalised experiences in real-time, increasing conversion rates and gaining loyalty. Gain real-time transparency into the performance of your marketing plans, giving you the agility to change track and seize new opportunities.

Solve your specific marketing needs

Create a single, unified customer view

Reach out to every customer at the perfect moment. Get real-time insights that can help you quickly develop custom omnichannel experiences that treat customers as individuals

Get contact engagement right the first time, every time

Run targeted, data-driven campaigns with personalised offers. Use marketing analytics to gain detailed insights into customer interests across digital and social channels.

Understand the impact of marketing technology

See how successful marketing organizations are at leveraging new marketing technologies. View the results from the CMO Council’s survey.