Loyalty Membership Management

ระบบบริหารความจงรักภักดีสมาชิก (Loyalty Membership Management) เพื่อมัดใจลูกค้ายุคดิจิตอล


Transform Data into Fidelity Today's retail business is growing rapidly. Consumers have choices to access services and information through various channels such as shops, employees, websites, call centers. Social media, etc. In addition, consumers use online media via mobile to communicate, search, buy products all the time, so it becomes more difficult to engage customers by building brand loyalty. more complicated just the same membership system with paper or hard card may not be enough anymore The challenge for retailers is how to convert customer input into loyalty.


More than just membership, Loyalty Membership Management Sundae Solutions, a customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provider, has over 15 years of experience and partners with global solutions like SAP and Sage. Allows us to develop a loyalty membership program to meet the needs of consumers in the digital age. That is easy to work with, coordinating with customers with various capabilities that support both traditional and online work. We appreciate the importance of customer data and we understand how to use it to build loyalty and it is important that it is a low investment for ROI.


Everything you need to build customer loyalty. Loyalty Membership Management Solution is built on the unique capabilities of world-class CRM solutions to ensure the solution is flexible, comprehensive and stable in serving your customers. We help you define the scope of work, set up the system, develop the system, train the use and maintain the system for you. for the benefits you will receive

Immediately with a ready-to-use member registration system We also help connect to various recruitment channels such as POS systems, data entry, online systems, etc.

along  with a point accumulation and redemption system that uses member consumption data to convince customers and use them to create your marketing campaigns.

Flexible  connection to your current workflow such as POS system, ERP system, website, membership record system, etc.

Best (Best-in-Class) with Marketing Tools Managing marketing campaigns and marketing communications that simplify complex tasks instantly. Most importantly, everything must work in an automated manner as well.

Accurate  with decision-making tools including reports, dashboards and business intelligence that help businesses make decisions and manage work properly. accurate and fast

A wide variety of options to set up the system. Our solutions are both server-based (on-premise) and cloud-based, providing flexibility for both operators and members.