Analytics & Reporting

Unleash the Intelligence in Your Data to Make Smart, Confident Business Decisions That Will Maximize Your ROI

Using Analytics and Reporting to Accurately Measure and Track ROI

Measuring ROI is a key component of any inbound marketing campaign. Analytics and Reporting make it possible for you to not only measure, but also refine and optimize your marketing efforts. If you are not an analytics expert, then it can be difficult understanding what to track, how to interpret the data and what it means for your business.

SUNDAE assesses what is, and more importantly, what is not working. We use historical data, a variety of different measurement and analysis tools, examine industry trends and use our extensive experience to inform and explain user behavior.

SUNDAE’s experienced analytics team will help you stay on track, regularly review and refine your marketing efforts, and help you achieve greater ROI from your marketing budget.

SUNDAE’s Analytics and Reporting Services

We are experts in marketing analytics and assist companies to assess, analyze, deploy and develop KPIs across all inbound marketing channels through these services:

  • Professional Installation of Analytics Tools: Our team of experts will install tracking and analytics tools to track indicators that are aligned with your business goals. We will help you track visitors as they move across all your domains.
  • Goal Tracking Strategy: We work closely with clients to design a goal tracking strategy. We will establish benchmarks within Google Analytics and filter out data points that may skew results to increase reporting accuracy.
  • Monthly Reporting: We analyze and interpret your data using a variety of measurement and analysis tools to provide you with comprehensive reporting, including business insights and recommendations for future strategies.
  • Custom Analysis and Reporting: For customers requiring more detailed analytics, we offer custom analysis and reporting using a variety of proprietary, third party analytics tools and industry trend data to conduct in-depth analysis and produce comprehensive reports.
  • Penalty Risk Management: We offer risk identification and management if you suspect you have been penalized by a recent Google algorithm update. We will determine if you have been hit, why you were targeted and develop a comprehensive recovery plan to improve the areas of your website that were the issue.
  • Google Analytics Training: Our team of experts can provide your internal team with professional training. We will teach you how to set up and customize the GA tool, how to create analytics goals, how to interpret the data and how to build and implement reporting to meet your business needs.