Four Ways Integrated CRM-ERP Solutions Improve Productivity

While the economy is once again growing, uncertainty remains. As a result, even as organizations make investments to grow their business, they continue to look for ways to squeeze greater efficiency from their operations while minimizing costs. They recognize that technology plays a huge role in these efforts and are ramping up their IT investments.

One important area where organizations can use technology to improve productivity is by integrating the applications they use in their front-office and back-office operations. Such integration allows organizations to access accurate and comprehensive information that delivers a full customer view from all areas of the organization. It also allows organizations to automate “straight-through” end-to-end business processes, such as the quote-to-cash cycle.

This white paper describes why CRM-ERP integration is necessary and how it drives improved productivity by:

  • Reducing duplication of data-entry tasks.

  • Empowering employees with the right information at the right time.

  • Streamlining business processes through automated workflow.

  • Improving organizational task management.

(Source : Sage 300 ERP)