Customer Service – Make the most of every customer service interaction

Exceed your customers’ expectations with outstanding service

Designed to help you manage and resolve customer queries and issues efficiently and effectively, Sage CRM delivers powerful customer support software in an easy-to-use solution. With its intuitive dashboard and integration with leading Sage ERP systems, it delivers real time customer information from both front and back office systems to your customer service team. Customer service staff will have access to a 360 degree view of every customer, supporting your ability to make every interaction informative and effective.

A dashboard for instant access to everything you need

An intuitive, customisable dashboard simplifies daily task and activity management. With information from Sage CRM, Sage ERP, and system feeds from websites, sales management has a real-time view of multiple customers’ information. Get up and running quickly using the out-of-the-box sales dashboard, or customise for individuals or teams, based on the person and their role. Monitor opportunities and pipelines, manage calendars and appointments, and identify powerful networking opportunities from LinkedIn®, all from one place. Easy to use, you see everything you need without switching between screens, saving time, and boosting productivity, in a rich and personalised user experience.

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Excellent customer service

Supporting excellent customer service from within an easy to use dashboard, you can seamlessly manage everything from case tracking and management to web self-service, all supported by powerful workflow and automation. 


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A dashboard that shows you everything you need, exactly when you need it

Whether you want to view communications, contacts, leads, opportunities or cases, you need only look at your dashboard. Equipping your customer service team with the most accurate and up-to-date information, regardless of where it is located, Sage CRM helps you to provide consistently excellent customer service at all times.

Use it straight out of the box, or create your own bespoke workspace, you can add gadgets, or create a company dashboard for specific key accounts. With the interactive dashboard, the customer service team can monitor customer cases from one place, boosting their productivity and maximising the efficient use of their time.

Keep track of every case

Ensuring that customer issues are dealt with quickly and don’t get lost ‘between the cracks’, cases can be tracked and actioned directly from the dashboard. Providing a central knowledge base for solutions to known issues, you can have easy and immediate access to resolve issues quickly. Keeping accurate records of contacts with customers via case tracking and communication logs.

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Deliver excellent service 24x7x365

A flexible web self-service module enables you to allow your customers, partners, and suppliers to access a subset of your Sage CRM data and functionality over the web whenever they want or need it. Able to be fully integrated with your own website, it will ensure your customers benefit from an entirely seamless experience.

Ensure issues are escalated

You can define your own customer care processes and escalation points, ensuring every case is controlled and managed effectively. Should a customer service case or query remain unresolved for longer than a predefined time, an automatic escalation notification is triggered. A powerful automatic reminder, this alert ensures every case is followed up, in a fully customised solution, to meet your company-specific requirements.

(Source : Sage CRM)