Marketing – Making your marketing budgets work harder

Plan, execute and track marketing campaigns with ease

Providing you with marketing CRM that targets the right people at the right time, with Sage CRM you can eliminate guesswork, and optimise your marketing resources. You can monitor marketing budgets, calculate direct revenue yields, and track leads and opportunities, ensuring that you focus all your efforts on the prospects most likely to purchase. Maximising your budget, it will help increase your marketing ROI, while highly graphical reports let you see what is going on every step of the way.

Creating and managing impactful campaigns, from lists to leads

Driving every element of marketing from creating impactful campaigns, list building and drip marketing, to using social media and e-marketing, Sage CRM delivers everything you need in one easy to use marketing solution.

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Drive your marketing from an intuitive dashboard

Use out-of-the-box or customise to your business, the dashboard is an intuitive workspace from which to view and monitor marketing campaigns and activities. Highly graphical reports and 3D charts let you track the success of your campaigns and activities, while feeds from websites keep your team up-to-date with your industry, your competitors, and your customers.

Networking and marketing opportunities can be identified through LinkedIn®, Twitter, and other social networking sites, all from within the dashboard. In one easy to use space, your marketing team can see and access everything they need.

Excute and manage highly targeted email campaigns

Delivering all the power of e-marketing directly to your desktop, Sage CRM enables end-to-end-marketing campaign management. Open, click, and bounce rates are automatically tracked so that you can calculate accurate ROI, and deliver well qualified leads to the sales team. A library of over 90 specially designed templates can be executed, with targeted email and drip marketing campaigns, driving your messages to the right people at the right time for maximum impact.

Total campaign management

Easily structure campaigns for consistent execution with our marketing campaign workflow, straight out-of-the-box. Your marketing team can execute multi-channel marketing campaigns, managing every phase of every campaign, with meaningful analysis and measurement. Activities can be viewed, while leads are tracked and followed up with ease. From communications and opportunities to responses and costs, you can drill down to the detail of every part of every campaign.

Keeping on top of your marketing spend

With user-friendly tools and highly graphical reports, you can match sales revenues to specific campaigns and analyse conversion rates by campaign. Marketing budgets can be defined, and over runs flagged up instantly, for pinpoint budget management. Leads, opportunities, and closed sales are all linked back to a marketing campaign, so the direct revenue yield for each programme can be calculated accurately

Creating highly targeted lists

Create or import targeted lists of prospects and customers and segment them based on your own criteria. Helping you to focus your marketing efforts on the prospects that are most likely to purchase, you will increase your ROI and maximise your marketing budget. Campaign responses can trigger sub-lists for the next wave of the campaign, while successful responses are moved to sales and non-responses are removed, or kept on a reminder list, as required.

Making the most of every lead

Never overlook a lead as you can schedule calls for telemarketers, along with triggers for follow-ups dependent on the outcome of each call. Details of the call, such as length and outcome, are stored and can then be shared around the business. With the addition of Call Tracking Integration (CTI) your telemarketers will have access to advanced call automation and recognition tools, giving them the support they need to manage effective and efficient telemarketing campaigns.

Creating effective drip marketing to maximise your message

Helping you to create campaigns that target specific messages to prospects and customers at specific times, you can create a drip effect that will drive your message home harder, and more accurately. By managing the content and timing of your messages in emails or direct mail, you can ensure your messages are dripped in a series applicable to a specific behavior or status of the recipient

(Source : Sage CRM)