The 2018 Gold Guide: Everything you need to know about SAP Customer Experience [en]

SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) is a collection of software solutions designed to help businesses manage all aspects of their customer journey. It aims to:

  • Connect with customers across various touchpoints.
  • Personalize interactions for a more engaging experience.
  • Build stronger relationships that drive loyalty and advocacy.

Components of SAP CX:

  • Marketing Cloud: Craft targeted campaigns, manage leads, and gain customer insights.
  • Sales Cloud: Boost sales efficiency with pipeline management and opportunity tracking.
  • Service Cloud: Deliver personalized support, resolve issues faster, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Commerce Cloud: Build and manage online stores, personalize the shopping experience, and secure payments.
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP): Unify customer data from various sources for a complete customer view.

Benefits of using SAP CX:

  • Stronger customer relationships: Foster connection and loyalty through personalized interactions.
  • Increased sales and revenue: Improve sales performance with automation, insights, and optimized processes.
  • Reduced costs: Streamline operations and automate tasks for cost efficiency.
  • Enhanced agility: Adapt to market changes and customer needs quickly with a centralized platform.

Is SAP CX right for you?

Consider these factors:

  • Business size and complexity: Larger businesses with intricate customer journeys might benefit more.
  • Budget: SAP CX can be expensive, so ensure you have the resources to invest.
  • Technical expertise: Implementing and managing the platform might require additional IT support.

Research and consult with expert, Sundae Solutions to see if SAP CX aligns with your specific needs and goals.

(Source : SAP Hybris)