Introduction of Sage CashView [en]

Sage Sofftware and Sundae Solutions are excited to introduce Sage CashView™, our newest Sage 300 module, that provides customers with a smarter way to manage their cash flow.

Jointly developed with Standard Chartered, Sage CashView™ gives SMEs real-time visibility of their cash flow, timely alerts on cash flow shortages and access to pre-qualified capital from Standard Chartered Bank simply and easily. 

Sage CashView™ helps customers

  1. View their current and future cash balance positions
  2. Know their business better with simplified dashboard and reports
  3. Build recovery plans by forecasting future activities
  4. Receive email notifications on potential cash flow problem situations
  5. Speed up their bank loan application


Who get it? All Sage 300 customers with valid Sage Cover at NO additional license fee

Supported version: Sage 300 version 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019

To get the activation codes for Sage CashView, please raise a zero dollar value order on the online portal for Sage CashView and we will provision the activation code accordingly.

We look forward to you sharing this new valuable new module with all your customers. Thank you for your continued support with Sage.

Best Regards,

Sage Asia

Sundae Solutions

(Source : Sage Software Asia)