Sage CRM Builder [en]

Your business is growing.

You need new ways of increasing productivity, you want your company to become more efficient and you’re looking for a better way of organizing key business processes.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Sage CRM Builder is one of the most powerful and flexible tools we’ve created. Our customers are using Sage CRM Builder to plan events, organize training courses, track competitors, manage products and equipment, and to oversee and implement key business projects.

And Sage CRM Builder is helping them save time and money. We want to share our customers’ experiences of using Sage CRM Builder with you, so you can adapt Sage CRM to fit the needs of your business and experience these benefits for yourself.

In this eBook, we showcase six business modules built by Sage CRM customers. In each example, we

present several challenges our customers faced prior to creating a custom module with Sage CRM

Builder. Then, we provide you with a step by step guide to creating these business modules to help you apply their success to your business should you face similar challenges. Finally, we highlight the key benefits of each of these six real-world custom modules so you can decide what to build first.

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Sealcoating’s Wuori points out that CRM has been especially beneficial for her company’s superintendents. In the past, for example, the superintendents would often be in the dark if a general contractor called them about an upcoming job. Now, before they ever see the work order, they can view the scope of work quoted, if a subcontract has been completed, and any related communication so they can speak intelligently about the project from the very start.

Also important is capturing customer feedback once the job is completed. A CRM system helps gather and store customer feedback to ensure leaders know what they did right to earn the client’s loyalty, or what they did wrong so they can fix it next time.

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