Fuel engagement with Social CRM

Connect more effectively with your customers

Businesses everywhere are taking advantage of social media to connect more effectively with customers and prospects. Integrating social media activity with CRM can further harness that connection and help to build long-term, mutually-rewarding relationships.

Unlock value in every conversation

Sage CRM integrates with key social media applications including LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer and Facebook, so you can engage with prospects and customers in a collaborative manner in order to generate leads, foster loyalty and increase revenue.

Sage CRM integrates with key social media applications such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Sage CRM for Twitter

Sage CRM for Twitter enables you to view and manage Twitter feeds all from within Sage CRM.

  • View Twitter feeds for specific companies
  • Save Tweets to notes in Sage CRM
  • Update Twitter feeds from Sage CRM
  • Track brand or company mentions

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Sage CRM for Facebook

Sage CRM’s integration with Facebook allows you to gain insights into customers’ Facebook profiles from within your Sage CRM interface.

  • View Facebook profiles from your CRM records
  • Search and save Facebook profiles
  • View a company’s Facebook feed
  • Research prospects

Sage CRM for LinkedIn

Sage CRM’s integration with LinkedIn enables you to research prospects and connect with customers from within your Sage CRM.

  • Identify qualified prospects
  • Research prospects
  • Generate leads
  • Participate in conversations

Collaboration powered by Yammer

Drive employee productivity and knowledge exchange with social-style collaboration powered by Yammer.

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning
  • Drive productivity through collaboration
  • Collaborate across teams

(Source : Sage CRM)