Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience [en]

Customer Experience is increasingly impacted by Digital Transformation. As innovation spreads across companies across businesses, not just technological innovations. Many organizations need to adapt to implement internal processes.

In this scenarioม, businesses should be aware of the adoption of Digital Transformation.
Especially businesses that focus on customer service. And ultimately, you can provide a more satisfying customer experience.

Next, learn about the impact of changing customer experience and How can using specialized technology help businesses grow?

What 'digital transformation' is impacting the customer experience?

All customer relationships are affected due to the increasingly digitalization process, which includes various communication channels such as phone calls, chat, email, SMS, social networks, and more. At the same time, we are talking about shopping experiences and services on devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

If your business wants to keep up with new technologies, look at 4 impacts on customer experience.


Modern customers have high expectations about service processes, so they want a relationship with a company that can be customized to their own needs.

For example, consumers expect that when contacting them, the company will not offer an existing product. What’s worse is that they offer services that are not aligned with or related to customer needs.

So it’s expected that brands already want to recognize these preferences from previous relationships.

Service Channel

In recent years, customer service channels have been expanding. They are social networks, Line, Messenger, WhatsApp, email, etc.

Many companies have been slow to make these channel options available. However, it is now assumed that a better customer experience depends on a brand’s ability to scale this boundary.

In addition to multiple channels, citizens are expected to be able to integrate experiences. This requires companies to adopt an omnichannel communication strategy.

Data Analysis

Today, consumers are increasingly concerned about the use of their personal data. This has prompted legislation such as the PDPA or GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Still, many customers lend their data with the view that companies will use it to make their relationships more private and assertive.

Therefore, once the user data has been collected, it is necessary to analyze it to extract strategic information that improves the customer experience and makes the business more competitive and growing.

Self Service

With this modern technology, modern companies can provide self service such as Chat BotChat Bots can reduce costs in the service sector. It also ensures the autonomy of customers to solve their needs without the need for human operators.

In addition, with AI Machine Learning, self-service makes contacts more confident about user language and questions.