Unified marketing automation platform purpose-built for your WooCommerce store [en]

WooCommerce Marketing

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Engage seamlessly and contextually across multiple channels

Interact with buyers on their preferred channels and deliver personalized experiences across email, WhatsApp, SMS, live chat and social media.

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Segment buyers to send personalized 1:1 campaigns at scale

Curate your audience by analyzing their purchase history, behavior, and preferences. Create segments on your own or save time using pre-built ones like new or returning customers, one-time purchases, abandoned carts, and more to send personalized messages that boost conversions.

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Accelerate revenue round the clock with powerful automation

Streamline your workload with our pre-built cross-channel campaigns, designed to automate tasks and save you valuable time and effort. Choose from 20+ WooCommerce journey templates, and 150+ customizable email and chatbot templates for WISMO, FAQs, checkout, and discounts.

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Get started in minutes with our one-click WooCommerce integration

Seamlessly bring in real-time and historical customer data from WooCommerce into Freshmarketer to maximize marketing, sales, and support effectiveness.


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