At Freshworks, we have always built software that delivers value to our customers. It starts with a deep understanding of the day-to-day users of our solutions.

When new innovations like OpenAI’s latest GPT models and ChatGPT arrive, we start with the principle of exploring how the technology can be applied to the day-to-day responsibilities of our end users. This means shadowing agents to see how they collaborate with subject matter experts, suppliers, and partners to solve complex issues. Sitting with salespeople to observe the various systems they use to fully understand a prospect and the different stakeholders in a deal. And chatting with marketers to learn how they stitch together different touchpoints to craft personalized marketing journeys.

Freshsales Suite

Now, before we jump into the exciting details about how we’re planning to work with OpenAI’s GPT models, I’d like to take you on a quick stroll down AI memory lane. And what better way than to compare it to the journey of my favorite NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers.

Back in 2018, we launched Freddy, an AI assistant powered by our Neo platform. As a platform service, Freddy AI was designed to leverage the latest in open-source AI advancements in addition to our natively built AI capabilities. At the time, we used Google Contact Center AI to build a proof of concept for self-service use cases and to assist salespeople. It was still in the early days of applying AI in the enterprise, and there was a lot that could be improved. The 49ers went 4-12 that year. Yes, 3x the losses over wins.


Fast forward to 2020-21. After OpenAI launched GPT-2, we used anonymized data sets from millions of customer-agent conversations to train the model and empowered our customers with more precise, recommended responses to customer inquiries. Our bot builder also allowed customers to bring their own GPT APIs and detect intent and sentiment to automate actions. It was a definite improvement over the technology available in 2018 but still had a ways to go. The 49ers went 6-10 that year—progress.

Now we’re in 2023. OpenAI’s ChatGPT and underlying GPT models have taken the market by storm with industry-leading AI systems, and every software company has seemingly transformed into an AI company. But just as we’ve always done, we evaluated how we can utilize the latest technology to build capabilities that help customers be more efficient, and deliver delight to their customers and employees.

 I’m excited to announce the latest enhancements to Freddy AI—powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and underlying large language models (LLMs). The new enhancements bring generative AI use cases to help support agents respond faster to customers and employees in a friendly or more serious tone; assist marketers in composing compelling copy for promotional materials; and allow salespeople to craft personalized emails that delight prospects.

As part of today’s announcement, I also invite our Freshchat and Freshmarketer customers to participate in our Freddy AI beta program. In this first phase of our journey ahead, we are releasing multiple GPT-powered features, and we are excited for you to get hands-on and provide us with feedback. What do you like? What more do you want to see from us? How are these capabilities transforming your business?

Here’s a sneak peek:

Conversation Summarizer creates an automatic summary of a customer-agent conversation. Instead of collaborators or a new agent having to read through an entire conversation to get context, they can easily glance at the summary and understand the next steps.Conversation summarizer Freddy AI

Rephraser allows you to replace casual language with more formal alternatives. An agent can quickly type out a reply, then easily formalize it to ensure a clear, coherent response to a customer.Freddy AI RephraserAutocomplete predicts sentence completion, helping you save keystrokes and respond faster to customer questions.Freddy AI Autocomplete

Article generator helps you quickly create standardized knowledge-base articles and FAQs with just a few prompts.

Freddy AI article generator

Email Copy Generator: Marketers using Freshmarketer can write better email copy in less time to improve open rates and engagement. Sellers can create personalized emails tailored to individual prospects’ specific needs and pain points.

Freddy AI email subject line generator

Like you, we’re excited about the new world of possibilities that generative AI innovations open up for great customer and employee experiences. Advancements in Freddy will help us make your lives easier and accelerate our mission to help you delight your customers and employees.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you, and fundamentally transforming how you will interact with our products: more conversations, fewer clicks.

We’re excited for you to give our beta release a try. Be on the lookout for early access programs across other products including Freshdesk, Freshservice, and Freshsales.

Oh, and the 49ers finished this year 13-4, losing in the NFC Conference Finals. Quite the journey from 4-12 in 2018. But still some room for improvement.