Social, understanding the future of CRM [en]

Social media is definitely a hot topic with marketers today, but when it comes to CRM this isn’t anything new, they are simply an evolution of what CRM has always been — putting your customers at the centre of your conversation.

But adapting to the needs of social customers can be challenging. Who’s actually responsible for Social CRM? How do you prove ROI? And how do you translate it into a tangible business benefit?

The discussion will help you:
• Understand what Social CRM means for you and how it can help solve your business challenges
• Learn the methods and tools to help deliver your effective strategy
• Understand best practice and how firms can embrace social media to build loyalty

CRM enables you to stay connected to your business while you are on the move, and it can enable significant productivity gains for your organisation. According to Nucleus Research, providing sales people with mobile device access to CRM drives a 14.6 per cent increase in productivity. Access to the right information at the right time can help to reduce the need to return to the office for administrative tasks — offering a streamlined system of information throughout your firm and increasing an employees’ overall productivity.

David Beard, CRM Evangelist, Sage CRM Solutions

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(Source : TFM&A)