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Announcing Sage CRM R1 2013
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3 October 2013
Announcing Sage CRM R1 2013

We are delighted to announce that the latest version of our award-winning cloud solution is now available. Sage CRM R1 2013 is our largest and most significant Cloud release to date and has been designed to help growing businesses work smarter and faster with a range of exciting new features.

The latest release includes a brand new feature called the Sage CRM Builder for extending the functionality of Sage CRM through creation of new business modules. In addition to this R1 2013 also includes a range of new social, collaboration and mobile tools, which enable effective collaboration and increased productivity inside and outside the organisation.

Let’s look at the new features in a bit more detail

Sage CRM R1 2013 offers new features that are highly adaptable and designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, making it an easy to use, adaptable CRM solution for SMBs. 

The Sage CRM Builder

The latest release includes a new feature called the Sage CRM Builder, which lets our customers easily adapt and extend the capabilities of Sage CRM to suit their current and future business needs. Using the Sage CRM Builder, customers can easily extend the functionality of Sage CRM and, through simple point and click and drag and drop actions, they can build business modules in just five easy steps.

It is designed to help businesses who need a CRM solution that moves beyond customer relationship management, allowing them to extend the functionality of Sage CRM to manage any area of their business from events to projects, to recruitment, equipment, tradeshows, consultants and much more. This added flexibility allows you to benefit from one solution to manage any area of your business, enabling you to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Discover more about the Sage CRM Builder here or discover how to simply create new business modules with this short video.

Empower your sales team with dedicated sales apps including Sage CRM Sales Lite & Sage CRM Sales Tracker

What could be more important to a sales force than mobility? Sage CRM native apps for the iPhone and Windows 8 provide mobile sales teams with real-time data to help them manage their business relationships wherever they are. 

Sage CRM Sales Lite for the iPhone is designed for sales users on the road who need up-to-date information on their phone, even when out of coverage. Sage CRM Sales Lite gives users mobile access to their Sage CRM data, tasks and appointments, and native integration with the iPhone allows users to map appointments, track and log outbound calls, email and SMS activities.

Download the Sage CRM Sales Lite for iPhone app here or alternatively download the Sage CRM Sales Tracker for Windows 8 apphere.

Gain instant information about your customers and prospects with Sage CRM for Facebook

The Social CRM suite, which already integrates with key social media applications including LinkedIn and Twitter, is enhanced further with new social capabilities that allow Sage CRM teams to gain customer insights from Facebook, providing them with a complete picture of customer and prospect interactions, without leaving Sage CRM. Sales teams can now use this new found information to better understand the prospects they are pitching to, enabling them to customise the sales pitch to potential customers.

Drive employee collaboration and knowledge exchange with Sage CRM Business Collaboration powered by Yammer

Business collaboration across teams using Sage CRM is now possible thanks to new social-style collaboration features powered by Yammer. 

Employees can now collaborate with Yammer Groups and across records to discuss and collaborate on those records. This makes business conversations concerning opportunities, leads and support cases more social and transparent, providing greater visibility for all employees.

Access the data needed for better decision making 

Sage CRM R1 2013 offers smarter reporting with enhanced features built to enable faster, secure, customised reports, quickly populated with the latest CRM information. 

Rich new graphic charts and report cloning capabilities enable users to quickly create visual reports with interactive graphs, for at-a-glance business insight and informed decision-making.

More information on this release can be found by reading the latest press release announcement. Alternatively to find out more about how to use these great features please download our release preview guide

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