Simplr Warehouse#1 Warehouse
Management Solution (WMS)


Simplr Warehouse helps improve efficiency of warehouse personnel at every
stage - receiving, picking, storage, loading, delivery - and provides
management with real-time control over inventory.

Database Security
Data resident in any hand-held can be wiped clean in an instant from the backend if the owner of that device quits rolls
Seamless Integration with ERP
Complements existing ERPs like SAP, JD/E, Microsoft Dynamics, Navision and AX, or accounting solutions like Quickbooks/MYOB
Natively Designed for Mobile
Unlike other sales solutions which extend desktop apps to function on mobiles, Simplr Sales is designed bottom up for mobile use
GPS Tracking
GPS tracking facility on each hand-held helps management keep track of each sales persons route, ensuring adherence to plan.
Simplr Sales is entirely multi-lingual, so each of your salespersons can choose to use the language of his/her choice
Effective Route Planning
Allows routes to be defined for each sales person on daily, weekly and monthly basis, with complete flexibility to allow for change.
Comprehensive Customer Services
Displays the past history of customer helping salesman to quickly zero in on specifics and initiate a sale, no more depending upon memory
Live stock Levels Maintained
Auto-sync of mobile database with backend database updates customer records and inventory levels automatically and in real-time
Always-on Even When Offline!
Smooth uninterrupted field functions on the hand-helds even when offline (due to low- or no-connectivity) by smart design
SAAS or On-premise Implementation
Delivered through SAAS or on-premises, runs on multiple platforms (Windows, iOS, Android) / devices (PC, rugged device, tablet, smartphone)
Increase Your
Warehouse Efficiency
Totally paperless warehouse management process with Simplr WMS which is used on hand-helds by warehouse personnel at different points in the inventory management cycle, giving you total and real-time control over inventory.

We work with industries like production and supply of FMCG or CPG goods to retail outlets, wholesale distribution especially in keysectors ? FMCG, hospitality, CPG and pharma from Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam
Benefitsof having Simplr WMS
Up to 60%
Improved Order Picking Efficiency
Up to 100%
Stock Accuracy
Up to 20%
Improved Productivity


Up to 50%
Cost Reduction
Various Reports
Help you to fine-tune the processes.
on stock level expiry dates, bin locations etc


Optimize workflow efficiency.
Labor Productivity
Maximized labor productivity
Product Handling Strategy
Improved your multiple product handling strategy.


Simplr WarehouseFeatures
Receive against purchase orders, sales return, manufacturing output and stock transfer.
Put Away
System suggests the best location to put the item based on the defined rules.
Inventory can be viewed in real-time by Location, Pallet, Lot Number, Expiry Date.


Automatically generate picks based on specific criteria. Enhance efficiency with order grouping. Auto-assign orders to appropriate pick plan.
Stock Transfer
Transfer inventory between locations and within a location.
Stock Take
Saves time & improves the accuracy of a physical inventory count. Quickly update information & calculate differences and actual inventory.
Related items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit.
Bulk Break
Divide up larger product quantities into smaller quantities as products get closer to final market.

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